Sunday, June 2, 2013

Happiness is you

For sake of everything I started to put and pour my feeling into suite of words, no one knows what is being there in me or what is being felt by me, no nobody knows. For me love is just worse, loving someone is just like not important necessary to fill up, what I meant someone here isn't family included.

People said love is perfect, it is fantastic and beautiful, it is great, it is making comfort when someone has correlated with their couple. I didn't say that you all guys need that, just try to flow and do whatever in you and life which is going though. People has each meaning of that, about the colorful of life, for them whose best and great experience in it will be always gain and proud of beautiful, wonderful and fantastic of life.

All here are perfect, all are totally perfect, people should think where this perfection comes from, where the feeling of love and the beautiful of feeling love comes from, peace of heart is needed and should be there in every each of alive soul. I could not disagree if they think that this everything are because of his/her effort made it be, but if opinion can be allowed here, people should think where they got effort and power to do support to be making in real. God must be in those everything, everything bot unseen and bare eyes. But here we will not talk about that, I planned to write and put some happy feeling which I have, which I ever has or all which has been holding in.

In one of Bruno Mars's song lyric, "life is too short to have regret" what is matter for anyone else if you so regret with your past or any which you had planned for it but when the time comes you are unable to realize it? If you said this words so and I hear it, definitely I would say that's not matter at all and totally your problem or mistakes. Could you please imagine how if that thing would be vomited by your friend or people around you? Myself will definitely say "No way, I can't imagine those all"
Wow, was it all what I went to say here?

***in my silence I am silent and thinking***

Roaming about Westlive song "Hey... whatever" should be best spirit word for ignoring and thinking that everything is easy, all are easy except the difficult one. When people did mistakes, can you please tell  me what is exactly in your mind? Are you happy for seeing their mistakes? Or you think and pin your mind that they are fool? If you think about that, then I respect beg you not to do that again ever, no one perfect, and you should know that this life is like a mirror, all will be like reflection, all good will come and bring the goodness, so please never ever think badness even it is just little part of mustard seed. I said this, doesn't mean that I am a good or free from that bad, I just try to do all the thing which is should and have to be done for reaching that perfectly of goodness.

Happily is who you are, and believe me, it is you and whom yourself when facing up this reality of these everything, accepting by the everything which is granted by The Owner Of These Everything.
Happiness is you, you are in yourself, when yourself try on reaching the sincerity of everything granted.

And talking about love, it is not a thing which is owned or passionate by anyone. Everybody has it, deep inside it is existing, deep inside it is sincere, like I ever write in my previous, quoted from one of movie :

"Love is never boastful nor conceited,
it is never rude or selfish,
it does not take offense and it is not resentful.
Love takes no pleasure in other people's sins, but delights in the truth,
it is always ready to excuse, to trust, to hope.. and to endure.. whatever comes." 

Happiness is in you and will be always you, just how and where you will bring it


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