Sunday, October 16, 2016

It was perfect

It was perfect when I am as girl under their caring,
It was perfect when I run reaching to get the harmfulness of their hug,
It was perfect when their first lovely daughter stayed near together with,
It was perfect when this girl has not decided to leave, away, far from home

It is not meant that this girl regrets her decision,
This life gave her a lot of things,
She saw a lot, she read a lot, she learnt a lot, she knew a lot,
All the things she knows

But someday, the day when she thought that it could be the most beautiful thing changed her life,
New hopes were created,
New plans were prepared,
New days would be started,
New appointment was built between two son of man

This might be the first time for her to start and learn how that man was,
The man whom came and said his truly deep of his words,
He talked a lot, he cared a lot, he cared his family a lot, that is all about,
It might be the reason why I could put hearty a lot

Times went by, I understand, but he more understands me as well,
he is nice guy with the soft heart,
he is nice guy who could keep his words,
he is nice guy with no exception

Today, I have decided, do not know whether it is right,
but I believe every decided decision is right if it will not create regret someday,
Anyway, I do not know how to pour and write all these thing by now,
I forced myself not to contact, I force myself to conceal,
Longing, it is just a while, then how could be.