Tuesday, June 17, 2014

It is My First Time

I miss you doesn't mean that I want you
I miss you doesn't mean that I want that feeling back
I miss you doesn't mean that I can't forget
I miss you doesn't mean that I can't see you happy there
I miss you doesn't mean that I am in too bad situation cause longing
I miss you cause I do
I miss you cause I confess that little of you are still staying in part of my fragile heart
I never regret starting to know, understand and concern you
You mean a lot for me
You are someone whom get all of me, even I never gave you any
You taught me everything from nothing
You taught me how to see the world and blast meant heart feeling
Being with you, I was happy
Being without you, I am happy
Can't be together cause different faith was our decision
No, it is not, that was my decision
Love doesn't mean possess, it is peace and I am full of that peacefulness
Never let me that you are not happy there
Never let me to know that you are in bad feeling situation there
Never let me that you are sick there
I wont be able to hold back my tears and longing too long, never

Don't you know that I have that hearty feeling toward that one
I wish you know that, it is not me whom expect to have that
It exists suddenly, whispered word roaming, trying to certain myself that I know that one,
I ever met that one long before, first sign and my self just confess that it can't be forgotten
I melt whenever I meet or near that one, do control myself and certain that all is well and nothing happen without recognizing that something happen of me
And yeah that is my problem, even I can't deny to say that I don't wanna be frozen anymore
Still I don't understand what the exactly it is

It is my first time, you should know that  you and that one most I talked a lot before this read page exist