Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Too Much

Dearest Friends,
I feel that I knew and met you yesterday, time goes by, running like there is no limitation. I do not know why and how come, when I start to know you and shared thought with you, I feel and find the exactly comfort of your words, it is little and not too much but by it I started to know little mean of something that I has been looking for. Thought that I would be able to meet you all day long for long, yes maybe I can even it will be rare.

I love friendship, but I hate it neither. I like and do love something which is called as love even I have not understood yet what the exactly mean of it but I confess that I hate it too. I laugh a lot in front of you and cry a lot when I feel apart. I am happy so much happy cause shared happiness by you, like there is no sadness, yeah it is true. Feeling complete even living far from beloved family, what I have here is you, a good happiness friendship.

It might be so much over, I could not even describe what is being felt by me now, feeling so numb, no words, empty, blank when I knew that you are going to leave, leaving for better place which has been planned by The Owner Of This Everything.  Sometime I forget that we do have right to have dreams and planning something, but He, The One Whose Everything has best things which are going to be granted to us.

Junior used to say “It is no problem, this is challenge for me” I will always remember his cheerful

Still I remember how beautiful of it, God is The Best Creator

In the beautiful of mountain scenery of The Almighty of AC, senior said, “Do you like him?” and I say not, “Loving someone is when you can’t describe why and what you like from the one whom you like, love doesn’t have reason, if it has then it might be called as calculation, true love will show the right way to back toward right lover, let me show you one thing my parents divorced, both my mom and dad were getting married with another else, I lived with my grandmother, my stepmother passed away and mother divorced from my stepfather, she always dreamt about my dad, at the end both are back be a happy family until now, I do believe that it is true love, my dad and mom’s love. You should not avoid or rough to someone whom you love or someone who is mocked by other for you, he doesn’t have mistakes or any sins being that, it is mercy from God, love is mysterious, it is magic, like Rahwana’s love for Shinta, is it his mistakes? Is it a sin? It is just … “

He talked to much, I can’t remember those all exactly, if I am not mistakes the continuation would be like this “His love is not mistakes, he just fell in love with the one whose husband already, no one can be blamed on this case”, then like I always said “It is back to us, how to conduct controlling own self”

“Getting married is the fate, love is destiny, we can have a plan marrying anyone, but can’t plan this love to anyone, because love is magic”  ~Sudjiwo Tedjo

Thank to The Owner of the Life, I met with people who love historical of puppet, my dad included, me and my ancestors.

I do wish you can feel the happiness like I always have from you.