Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Reflection, do you like you?

Accompanied by Colbie Caillat of his Try song this words are written.

People talked a lot, people think to much, and I am?
Nothing to be done even there are too much should be done and finish it
Feels like it was long time wasn't here, don't you miss me?
Well it is just joke, I am totally quite alright even if you never miss me, now I come and want to tell you something, not something but everything.
You may be understand me so well why I come here, do I look so confused?
Could you please answer my question whenever I want to talk to you?
I am crazy cause talking with a thing which doesn't have a soul, forgetting that you are just a screen of this laptop.

Honestly I don't know where to start, would like to pour everything inside but I do really get confused. Do need cry a lot without reason, life gives us everything, pain, happiness, sadness, cheerfulness, togetherness with people whom are loved and everything.

And I don't know where the situation I am for exact.

It is not the right time if I stay and type something here, I have a lot home works which have been done yet posting which force me to type some more and pour it out into sentences.
Am I bored? No I am not, learning is so much fun even it needs more effort to refresh it.

I would love to type some more even I should and get done with my home works for exact

Typing this is quite embarrassing for this girl, but what to do?
She just wants to throw away what is has been being existed inside of her,
A secret thing which has never happened before as long she has been breathing for this long time goes by,
Eighteenth of Last month at this year

And it is about seven days passed, that day I did not know what exactly it was
What a different day, what a fantastic a day made
Something difference happened, and the difference is you
I am not sure it was you, but I don’t know too how this hearts faced a hard racing beat when I started to know you
Thought that it was just hormone works out inside this body and mind for exact before
Tried a lot to find what was exact happen with this self, trying to close to find the peacefulness
Just hard racing heart beat
Is it too much?

I couldn’t understand nor concern this self in all of sudden
Do I deserve to have this feeling?
I am not the one who is clever in treating someone
I am not the one who is girly and loveable
I am not the one whose perfection, there are too much lack
Saying and mentioning above did not mean not to thank for the gift given by The Lord
I am just not confident with myself, wait but aren’t I?

I smile a lot
I talk a lot
I speak a lot
And also think a lot even has not given a best result or solution

Last, but exactly is not I feel that I fell in love with him for first time he certain me with his full of his heart to start planning and making the proposal story of our life.
What is human? We just be able to make a planning, The Owner Of This Life whose fully right, but we hope and wish... We can make it real someday.

Finding lovely RdTAA's post note

One words but I am still doubt with it, when I start loving someone, I become more selfish, like I want to him belong and totally for me. God sorry, please gives and pours us always the composure of heart as provision to think right.