Thursday, October 11, 2012


When you are young and vulnerable, emotional hurt is terrible with this experience,
it takes time to gather yourself and carry on,
but it's what you have to do,
as you said, starting from zero is the way forward,
experience will make you much stronger,
don't ever think that you'll be all alone forever,
because you won't be,
and don't give up on anything else that matters,
finding the true relationship feels like an never-ending task at times,
but that's bulls***

The secret is not to rush it, let it come to you because it will
what you do is carry on being you,
being beautiful and positive,
enjoying the fun times and learning from other times,
experience, one thing I do have
stepping forward from the negativity,
peace of mind comes by stepping back from everything
try and look at things from another person's view.


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