Monday, April 15, 2013

Stranger by me

We should be friend and know each other like best friend if I realized and cared having friendship.
Yes, barely I said that I was not an active student in that college, I knew people just passed away, all I meant here was just I knew and said hello to them that time when we had in same and one time, like when gather with people for any activity or event.

I start to know you in that graduation day, taking picture together without realizing that it was you.
Talked in that time also, you mentioned your name and so I did, but still I didn’t notice that it was you.
What kind of human I am, but it is me, I got difficult to know and remember, like I said in my previous words, I met and asked people’s name, just for that time, saying hello in that and only that time.
That was bad of me, and may be still I have many of badness which haven’t left by me totally case I haven’t totally known and realized for all them, which is bad and have to be left and the one should be hold, till I find a case of reality of my life happens.

Now I am realizing, how important an organization and knowing many people, minimally knowing their name and relief a good of us for them. If I did that I would have many friends here even they are far, probably I was proud of myself, I was an active student when I was senior high, people knows me, a cheerful, lucky one, messy – too much words without punctuations when speaking, funny, open minded, love hanging out, and mostly work in treas in every of organization. Feeling much bored in that situation, that was one of my reason why maybe I was not active in organization or love to gather with friends when I was in college. I loved to spend my time in hostel and with my senior sisters, my laptop, my books and play around. Feeling so free that time, when I started to learn life without my parent who was always accompanied, like a bird which broke loose.

I should know you for long time before, but it is fact that I just knew you that it was you.
Just I knew you, but I am little bit avoiding you now, when I came realizing that there is little of my strange feeling for you, and I am afraid of that.

Unforgettable moment, but felt weird “Donat Madu”

Totally I am successfully to make this everything back to norm now, cause I make it be.


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