Thursday, April 25, 2013

No words no title

May happiness fulfills your heart as always,
may happiness comes close to you,
may happiness stays and holds you tight always,
may happiness becomes your friend,
may happiness always surrounds you,
may happiness becomes you,

this tears such falls dropping, can not be controlled typing this words
I don't know but it is happen,
just I can't see you not in happiness,
all I want in you is in happiness, joy full without sadness or kind of it,
for the reason of this little heart that I have for you,
a little part of it which towards you,
a little part which I never expected falling into you,
my best pray for you.

Know every particular object is not me,
I knew however and whatever about you not because I am curious to know about,
those facts come and show me,
those unimportant of those everything roams and fill up this mind,
such air which full off the dimension of room.

I am sorry, but I should not felt guilty.
No worries cause I do know who I am,
may everything best of happiness grants on you.
Never be sad, or something else except smile and happiness,
I read your words and I saw how you love her,
even that your heart one is far from you now,
but no worries you will get the best,
The Owner of this everything doesn't sleep and never sleep,
may you will be granted a best lovely couple for your happiness like always in your expectation,
or even if you still need and want her, may she will fall down in your warm hug of happiness,
for any and everything... I love to see you in happy of your cute smile,
may happiness is and will be always in you forever :)


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