Sunday, November 30, 2014

Not Entitled November 30th 2014

It was such beautiful morning, even though there was not dew which full of the air
It was such beautiful night, even though there was not stars shined on the nice sky,
It was such beautiful day when I came out from my small room and stepped up to the outside,
It was beautiful whether, even the rain is not falling down and wet the ground,
It was beautiful room, even the temperature is not warm enough for body temper scale,
I thank to God for everything, I am happy and I am so gratefully cause of all those gifts.

God gave everything, everything which is needed, creating smile happiness to anyone who accept it,
Everything are granted, everything were accepted,
Don't know but it is just blank at her mind, wanna talk a lot, wanna scream any, wanna share a lot, wanna type a lot, but no thought.

No one there, do sure that she will start talking and type about life, but talking about this will just recall her memorize back.

Seems she is bored, seems like she wanna drop something from her eyes, like tears but will be denied directly if I called it as.
I don't know about her, what is in her mind, all I know that she is learning about the true of sincerely,
Hard like hell, but yeah she is holding out.

Her and she are all about me, the one who gets difficult to show up her cares to everyone wanted instead of creating disappointment by her behaviors

I am sorry