Saturday, May 4, 2013

Yeah I am, aren't I?

I wanna be I am as I am before knew you,
that was six years ago,
when I was in fourth semester of senior high school,
Purma' who was calm girl,
who has not known yet the whole and rude world,
who has not known the sensation of liking someone,
who has not known the ail sense,
who has just known how to smile of happy life,
Purma' who never felt sad,
Purma' who was well known as Bahagia Purma',
Purma' who most people called her as the cheer one,
Purma' who always stared smile and happily, full of happiness,
That was Purma' as I am that I ever knew.

Problem should be a friend, said Lenka.
I am grown up girl now, I am not kid anymore,
should be able to face up, like Mr Bill Martens said to me in every occasion of our conversation,
"Smile and cheer up hon"
He is good man who inspires me always.

I am girl as I am,
little girl of my beloved mother and father,
cheer and innocent girl of my big family,
happy and smile sisters of my siblings,
that is what I am, aren't I? 


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