Wednesday, June 5, 2013

This girl and she is me

She said, "All I want here when I meet you, I just want to write up on you and share bout everything, I should be fair with my diary book but I couldn't. I always go into you and pour all what is typed by these finger up on you. I don't mean to think or decide doing before, I just think and my happiness is not decreasing at all when I know this.

I just knew her about one year ago even we had been one campus for three years. We started to know each other since we joined that subject together, I hate that subject much, If the time can return back I wont ever take that subject for my lecturer. We graduated together, but I has been working first than her. We meet again here, I helped her to get a hostel, then we become a neighbor mate for about one or two months, even it was so, she never slept in her own room, she always slept one room with me. We are like close friend even just knew each other."
Now they are together, this girl is happy cause she is not alone anymore in this crowded city, her family is far away from her. This girl talked about everything to her, all the things, she is really trusting her. She told about her liking to that one, she told his kindest and goodness of him, until her friend said, "I don't know him so close even I have known him since I was in one college with him, but you told me so much and I describe him like he is the good man."

This girl's friend had broken her relationship from her boyfriend before cause didn't get permit from her parent, such complicated relationship. One day they hang out together with that man also, not only once but more than it, this girl doesn't know what was being there in this mind, till little by little, case to case this girl realize that her close friend is like interested with that man. This girl said that is no problem at all, even it is little hard in feel, but this girl thought that sincerity should be always exist inside, in every part and also he deserved to get that.

Her friend likes that one..

Few months ago, she remembered that there was a one, the girl's sister had asked, "I have story, one day my friend told me, she liked a man, my friend always told to her close friend about his goodness and everything about him, like he is the most perfect man in her eyes. Her friend doesn't know about that man really, she just knew as him, cause her words about his kindest and all, her friend was like described him like the girl's said, she started to be interested to him secretly, she played and started to steal the show toward him, my friend is shy girl, she is clever to hide something, especially her love feeling toward him, it is out of her mind when she came to realize that her friend be couple with him, but she is totally fine and still keep the friendship does the through, time by time her friend started to know him cause they have already been in relationship, he is not like her thought, as my suggestion you should not tell that to anyone else, you know best that everybody has each thought of everyone, and she thought that he is not like hers........  "

I forgot how the last of that story, let it be, that was just story of someone's life experiences, anyone has own experiences, God has the rules, lines and all. That was just this girl thought, probably this girl is just worry, but why should be is peacefully. This girl said, "I am not worry at all. Happiness is not about we get everything that we want, sincerity is being exist in every each of life, while you realize it, happiness is in yours and it is spreading if sincerity is always being kept deep inside".

Let's leave it to That One whose this Life, I just wanna write here :)


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