Sunday, March 17, 2013

Without words

Empty, silence, no words, scaring of screaming which is able to be heard by the animals and plans,
lip wont ever be vomit some words,
tongue feels like locked,
words are like unable to be arranged,
breezy of the air will be able to be felt by the human whose blood welled inside them,
family wont be able to help when the God's delegates come to pick up the released soul from its place,
best friends wont be able either,
no one will be able to help except his charitable which has been done when he has been given a life chance by The Al Mighty.

Dear you who is called by The Almighty today,
how are you and what you are doing there?
is the world after you living now is better than the world which has been being living by you and you left it all today?
is there any friends like you have here, when you are still here in our side?
are you feeling lonely there?

I am still feeling that you are here with us,
still I feel when your hand pulls my hands and letting me know that you and your friends were there,
still I feel when I met you and say goodbye,
I might not the one who close to you,
I might not the one who was always beside you when you were getting trouble and when you were in happiness,
but I am the one who used to see you from far incidentally and loved to see your happy smile when you had joking and shared advising us.

Thanks to The Almighty who let me know person like you,
thanks to my friend who had been invited me to join in that program so I could meet you there,
thanks to all member of that program which has been accepted me be part of their family,
thanks to the committee of the even which was used to invite you to come and share your solidarity as senior,
thanks to my college who has accepted person like him so I could meet him as his junior,
thanks to The Almighty again for meeting me with him again in one office even we are in different division,
thanks to The Almighty for giving me occasion having little words in joke with him in his closer to You,
thanks for everything uncountable which You always give, grant, gift, blessing and everything.

Dear you who is called by The Almighty today,
nothing which is able to be done by us here, nor your family there,
all we are able to do is just pray best for you,
may all the things which you have done in this world will be accepted as best practice by The Almighty and send you to the heaven,
may all the things which has been mistaken by you in this world will get the forgiveness from The Almighty.

Dear the family who has left by the lovely and dearest son today,
may The Almighty will give best strength and grant you more sober, sincere toughly.

Sometimes God doesn't give what we want in time near after we pray, God will always give what we need and best for us.

Written on March 12nd 2013 when the moon cast its light


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