Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tenses II

My best and happy greeting for you all readers ^^In this occasion seems that I want to type and share little thing called Tenses. Talking about Tenses, our mind will directly record about times, to be, verb, time signal and etc.

Tenses is a change in shape (predicate) of verb in a sentence which is related to time (at the time when the case happen)

Trick :
  • If we learn Tenses, we will discuss Verb Forms and Time Signals
  • We have three basic time information, namely : Past, Present and Future
  • And we have four maps form tenses are : Simple, Continuous, Perfect and Perfect Continuous

Example :

1.    The students ……….basketball in the yard now.
         A. play                         D. are playing
         B. will play                   E. played
         C. have played

Trick: see the time signal of that sentencethere is now *(sekarang), so we use Present Continuous Tenses

2.    By the end of this month, my sister…………from university.
         A. will graduate            D. has graduated
         B. will have graduated  E. graduated
         C. was graduating

Trick: see the time signal of that sentencethere is by the end of this month *(berarti nanti menjelang akhir bulan ini) so we use future perfect

3.    Marry …………….in Munchen for five years.
         A. is living              D. was living
         B. will be living       E. has been living
         C. lives

Trick: see the time signal of that sentencethere is for five years *(berarti selama lima tahun) so we use present perfect continuous

4.    My uncle …………..in Jakata for ten years before he moved to Samarinda.
         A. has been living   D. lived
         B. will have lived    E. is living
         C. had been living

Trick: see the time signal of the sentencethere are two time signals, for ten years before he moved *(berarti selama 10 tahun sebelum ia telah pindah), so we use past perfect continuous

5.    Rifa……….the flowers when I came to his house yesterday.
         A. is watering         D. was watering
         B. watered             E. will have watered
         C. has watered

Trick: see the time signal of that sentencethere is when I came yesterday *(berarti ketika saya datang kemarin) so we use past continuous

*(..) in Bahasa Indonesia mean


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