Sunday, February 3, 2013

Seems Childish

To : Muh. Nur Arifin
Dear my dearest brother,
I know that you are in first grade of junior high school of the favorite one,
I also know that you are staying in boarding home,
I know that our parents have made your schedule fully,
I know that these is quite hard for you,
I do for sure that our parents has sent you to join at other programs for supporting your education.

Dear my dearest brother,
even we are separated, still I do care and want to be with you when you needs me,
I do want to hear your telling about everything,
I want you to be opened with me,
do not always be silent in every of each condition,
I saw that you are so patient, sincere and wise to face up everything.

Dear my dearest brother,
Let me say so sorry for not able being with you when you need me,
all I know I just be able help you through this network connection,
I do want to teach you directly,
I do want to help your study when you got some difficulty,
alas I can not do that,
I am so sorry for ignoring you sometimes,
I am so sorry if I am busy with my own.

Dear my dearest brother,
someone told me that he had gotten demand from his parents,
he told me that he always did what his Daddy wanted,
like he did not have options to choose what he wanted,
he did everything, he just be able to accept and do it even it is quite so hard for him,
he told me everything,
he told me about his life, family, outline of his experience of life, friends, also his girl,
talking about his girl, he did not talk about that, never
I just knew incidentally and suddenly,
we just met and I felt that I saw you in his self,
I do  not why I am so heartily to him,
I should confess that I like him here, shouldn't I?

Dear my dearest brother,
I am sorry for forcing you and pushing you up become the number one,
I am sorry for asking you to be able enter to the favorite one for you senior high after your graduating,
I am sorry for being messy to say, study, study, and study
I realize that I did wrong by asking you those things.

Dear my dearest brother,
I got news that you are sick and is being treated in hospital now,
I am sorry for not able to accompany you there,
I am sorry for not be able to be good sister,
I am sorry, all I can do is just praying, may The Al-Mighty will grant health soon,
be best always dear my dearest brother,
get well soon

I just can type some words here even I do not know whether you will read it or not.


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