Friday, January 25, 2013

All I know I should leave him

Feeling like breeze blows and infiltrate into the deepest nerves,
the one who is too high unreachable,
all I know that I should not have this such feeling,
all I know that I should forbid this thing,
all I know I should find the solution of this,
how should to know while I do know well that it is not reasonable,
it is just sudden insensible realized and confessed.

All I know I have to leave,
I have to ignore this,
I have to avoid this,
it came and created this worrying of anything,
it has been being exist since I realize how mature he is to solve and think those such rough of everything which comes in,
it has been existing when I start to know how kind and wise he is.

Nothing needs to worry, all things are nothing, all thing just passing,
even I do worry being inside, I do not know how and why it should be.
I do try to deny,
I do try to handle this own by my side,
all I need is pretending that everything is alright.

This thing works so fast,
plundering this fragile heart,
beating this, again for once more.

All I know I have to be able to throw away this feeling,
all I know I want to get hurt once more from that one,
and after all I will definitely be able to perfectly avoid him,
yes I has been doing it,
I am on processing of avoiding that person,
but why I am the one who always feel awkward when I am on it,
seems like he knew that and it made me feel more awkward,
making me confused to distinguish with the condition.

I have to leave and ignore this,
it came and being exist without reason,
and I do for sure, I can hate him without reason too,
it just needs time.

But the question is why should I avoid and hate that person?
if the reason is about he is unreachable to be reached.
No that is not.
Let me try to think and get the answer.


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