Sunday, January 13, 2013


Dear happiness,
I thought that you have left her once she tried to avoid and leave him,
I thought that everything is turning dark when she started not to heart him again,
I thought that you will blame on her when decided to choose her way.

Dear happiness,
She tells me that she found you when she started to know him,
he is not that rich, he is not that handsome and he is not that moslem,
All I knew she has declared agreeing to have relation with him to make him understand how is precious his life,
he was always degrading himself as bad and unlucky man in this world.

Time by time,
she used to and always giving a little advise about how precious his self is,
till he could think and see that his self was not like in his mind,
till she felt near with and could receive his existing in herself,
he was good man, he was always creating a little happy smile of hers.

Senior high, bachelor degree till graduated,
They were still connected each other,
Till she realized that it is forbidden and may not to be continued.
No, it was not, the right story is not that.
That man betrayed his words, he hidden a thing,
he did not want lose his girl but he could not reject receiving the free services and teasing from woman whose one daughter.
How is embarrassing it... so f* d* embarrassing

Yes, she was broken.
Yes she was in fragile.
But overall she came realizing 1 : 0 = ~ 

Dear happiness,
I am happy as hers, with full of my awareness
happiness is not about stretching to the right and left of the lips,
happiness is not about when you are successfully reaching your goal,
happiness is not about the way you mean it,
happiness is a condition where you can accept the sincerity of everything,
one devided by zero is infinite.


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