Monday, February 11, 2013

Difficult than Chemistry Task

Dear blogger which is always giving me a place to pour up everything,
let me type some more here while eating this roti goreng cake which has been brought by him this afternoon.
He came here to give back the hard disk to my friend exactly, while typing some more wishes words for his friend. Feeling worse when I am talking with him exactly, I do not know why, it is just scaring...
I am not confident enough to have some words with him, like I always false and can not vomit words that should be said, stuck.
I had ate this roti goreng cake not longer and it was about three minutes, I am on irritate now, my back is itchy, yeah it is secondly I ate roti goreng cake from him and got this thing, itchy. Actually he did not mean to give that for me, he just bought and eat it, just it would be strange if he did not give that, so he gave me.

Feeling so fool when I was in front of him, I even get difficult to dare my self to look at his eyes.
I even was not be able to do that while conversation was continuing. Deep inside I want be able to face up, confident and hold my mind, control my nervous and scaring which is unreasonable, let me try to do it another day when I have conversation with him.

He was busy with his book and pen, it was not his pen exactly, it was mine and it is being his pen right now.
I got that he had had much and more knowledge more than me, I got that he had knew everything more than me, I got that he loves to read more than me, I just come to realize that he is too wise, he has everything and more, even he is younger than me. How happy to have friend like him, isn't it?

I do not want talk about him much here, I just want to say thank a lot for knowledge that he gave me and made it as homework before his leaving. He gave thought which I have been buried and hidden it away long time before, well let me try to reopen the rationalism of this thing. You know that I do most fail to  say thank in front of people who deserved to get it. Giving thanking words to that one directly is more difficult than doing the chemistry task for few years ago.

I do not know how it could be, the strange difficulty, all I know that it is just happen in me and I just try to fix it.
Thank you 


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