Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Dear ma sands,
I just came realize that I had been holding you for about more than four years,
I met you when I didn't know what the exactly means of life,
You came with your "DeadSoul" initial.
We started typing to arrange the words, then you said "Can I be your friend?"
Request sent and accepted be me.
Dear ma sands,
still I remember you used to say that you were unlucky man,
still I remember you used to think degrading yourself,
trying to make you understood that you were not,
do you still remember that?

You were gone,
You were gone and back, you back with "WAVE" initial.
I have lost you as my sands even I know that It is you "WAVE" who is I'm missing,
I have tried to find my sands in again.
Deep inside I still wanna hold you and walk through.
But sorry let me try to bury up what has been planned, my real sands had been gone long time before "WAVE".
You might know that I trusted you a lot,
but now your words mean nothing to me,
because your actions spoke the truth.


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